Welcome to Forest Metal Group.

Forest Metal Group specializes in processing non-ferro metals into valuable, ready-to-use materials for the global metal industry. Backed by our extensive stock and production capacities, our comprehensive range of ready-to-use and standardized non-ferro metal products includes aluminum, copper, stainless steel, zinc, lead and many other related products. Factories can immediately use these products as raw materials, in conjunction with or as replacement for primary metals. Moreover, Forest Metal Group’s permanent wide stock of non-ferrous products, allows us to expertly and efficiently serve our clients.

Offering a full-service package i.e. processing, indoor storage and the actual supply of metals, Forest Metal Group is a partner clients can depend on. Our operators maintain an accurate stock planning system, which allows us to respond to our clients needs immediately. Consequently, we not only offer 24/7 service, but can also offer our clients products at the prices they are trading for that day on the London Metal Exchange (LME). Our range of services also includes grouped load deliveries, futures exchange and/or futures offers.